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  • Need for efficient
    urban water management
    is common to all CB areas, and solutions addressing
    similar issues can be developed collectively.
  • Development of excess
    water management
    Emphasizing on water quality and reuse
  • Reduce ecological
    of urban green spaces

Integration of socio-climatic changes

in the sustainable management of urban waters.
Joined beneficiaries

Joined beneficiaries


Objectives and expected results of the project

Objectives and expected results of the project

News and project announcements

News and project announcements

Project Summary in Numbers

Details of LYSIS.

1478 km2
Areas covered
irrigation systems
1200 km2
Pilot in

Publicity actions

The Information and Publicity (I&P) actions of the project have a twofold objective:

Raise awareness

for efficient resource use focusing on water management in the CB area.

Specify the role of the EU

in improving life quality and enhancing competitiveness in the CB area.

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