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Overall Objective


The CB area of Greece-Bulgaria is characterized by numerous, important water resources located on similar geomorphological features, but subjected to different management. Areas at the proximity of large water bodies commonly encounter problems managing excess water, as is the case in Drama; while municipalities deal frequently with water shortage as happens in Pavlos Melas and seasonally in Blagoevgrad.

The need for efficient municipal water management is common to all CB areas, and solutions addressing similar issues can be developed collectively. LYSIS proposes an integrated approach to regional socio-climatic changes with the use of innovative techniques and technologies addressing sustainable urban water management.


Expected Outputs


Expected project outputs are divided into two categories: outputs related to pilot actions and dissemination activities. The outputs of pilot actions are:


Common application standards and operational methodologies for water loss minimization and water conservation in urban settings.

Pilot establishment and use of telemetric control for real-time monitoring (Municipalities of Drama, Pavlos Melas and Blagoevgrad).

Pilot use of a digitally controlled irrigation application (Drama, Pavlos Melas, Blagoevgrad) based on automatic and continuous recording of local irrigation needs and subsequent alternating irrigation intensity.


Creation of long series of hydrometeorological data that could be used for multiple purposes.


Guide for smart use of municipal water addressing various target groups of local population.

Seminars on water resources management for competent authorities’ employees.

Expected Results